Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Christmas 2020

Me in my hammock enjoying the sight of the Christmas tree

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a long time. Jen has been busy writing her next book, so she hasn't had time to help me with a new blog post. I finally managed to convince her it was way overdue.

We had a really nice Christmas, aside from some health issues that I had just before. My left eye swelled up and was really runny, so I had to go to the vet again. He said he didn't see a scratch on my eye, so figured I just had an infection. Then he looked in my ears and pulled out some ear wax. He checked it and said I still had ear mites. No wonder my ears were always bothering me! Jen told him I had been treated for them when she first took me in. She said she didn't want to do the same treatment because it obviously didn't work. The vet gave me some shots and then sent us home with medication.

Later Jen grabbed me, took me into the bathroom, and closed the door. She put some cream on my eye and drops in my ears. I didn't like that at all, especially the ear drops. I hate when anyone messes with my ears! We did this twice a day for a while, and even though I hated it, I will admit I started to feel better. I could see again and my ears didn't bother me as much.

Christmas is always really important to Loki, so Jen likes to make a big deal of it. Jen and her mom put up the Christmas tree right next to my hammock. I liked to lay back and look at the lights, and sometimes I liked to hit the balls. We never get in trouble for playing with the Christmas ornaments, but we have each been yelled at for chewing on the tree. We can't have a live tree because Jen has allergies, and the people said it's much easier since the lights are already on the tree.

On Christmas morning, Loki was really impatient as always. He seems to know that it is an important day. This year we got tons of presents! Misha had five of her own to open, though she had to have Jordan help her with them. Loki always opens ours--I still am afraid I'll get into trouble for tearing the paper. We got a tunnel that folds up when we aren't playing in it, a bunch of scratching pads, including one that has a brush arch, and there was a box filled with toys. The box was mostly for Loki since I broke his favorite one, but the toys were for everyone. There must have been at least two dozen toys! Balls, mice, feathers... All kinds of stuff! And the best part is we didn't have to share because there was plenty for everyone.

This was only my second Christmas, but it definitely was the best. We are very lucky that Jen gives us so many toys. She says because they don't have kids that Christmas is about us, and she certainly likes to make sure we have plenty of presents to open. Jordan says we are spoiled. Maybe we are, but it seems to make Jen happy when we get new stuff, so I don't think it's entirely about us being spoiled pets.

Loki opening our presents
Loki with his box and our new toys! 
Me chilling on one of our new scratching pads next to our new tunnel
Misha with her new toys

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