Tuesday, August 17, 2021


I love my life!

It’s been a while since my last post.  My family has been really busy over the past several months.  Jen has been trying to build her business, finish writing her book, and working on various projects around the house.  Between all that and working, she hasn’t had much time to sit down with me and write.  Recently, she’s been home a lot, which usually puts her in a better mood, but her doctor put her on a trial of medication that just made her sleep.  I usually stayed with her during her naps to make sure she was okay and so that she could pet me if she needed a distraction.  Her medication was supposed to help with her stress and anxiety attacks.  Unfortunately, she seemed to just keep getting worse, and so now she is off of the medicine.  I think us pets serve as better help for her mental health anyway.  We do what we can to be there when she is upset and don’t usually make her so tired.

Over the past couple weeks, Jen made some changes in our home that I really do not like.  She kept telling me that I was eating too much and that I needed to stop stealing Loki and DiNozzo’s food.  I knew she couldn’t stop me, no matter what she tried.  She can’t always be there to take away their food when they are finished eating, and I can’t help myself—I just LOVE food!  Sometimes the dog would steal food, too, and Jen knew this, so she knew I wasn’t always the guilty culprit.  She and Jordan were talking about some special feeder that would solve my food stealing, and after some debate, it arrived in the mail.  It came in a “Chewy” box, which I know usually means there will be treats and a nice box to play in for a while.  Once Jen had it setup and working, I was not happy.

Jen put the new feeder on the steps at
first so we could get used to it

At first, we just had one of these fancy things, but then the humans added a second one.  The lids were open until Loki and DiNozzo got used to them.  Sometimes the lid was half open, so I was able to reach my paw in and pull food out.  Now that Loki and DiNozzo are not as scared of the feeders, the lids are always closed when I go to check them out.  Loki and DiNozzo both have some sort of key to open them so they can eat, but I do not.  I still get food like normal in my bowl, but this is ridiculous!  How am I supposed to survive on these rations?  Jen says I get more than enough food and that she is worried about my weight.  She says she just wants me to be healthy.  I know she loves me.   I just really miss that extra food.

Jen is also on some sort of restricted food rations, though she doesn’t have a fancy electronic feeder.  She keeps typing on her smartphone every time she gets something to eat.  She said her cholesterol and sugar are high, so she’s cut back on many of the things she loves, like soda, potato chips, and ice cream.  I guess if Jen can live without Ben & Jerry’s, I can live without stealing the other cats’ food.  I still get treats on occasion, like the minnows that came in the Chewy box, and sometimes we get a special can of wet food.  I still think it’s unfair, but I suppose I do need to lose some weight.  It is pretty hard to groom myself in some areas.  Still, if I ever meet the makers of this SureFeed smart feeder, I’m going to give them a stern growl.

Hopefully I will be able to post again soon!  I like having Jen around the house more, but I know she is hoping to find a job so we can continue to have a nice home and lots of toys.  With her free time, she has made us a few toys here and there, saying that she’s using me as a toy tester to make toys to sell online.  She knows I am a bit rough on toys and absolutely love to play, so I guess I am the perfect toy tester.  Jen certainly doesn’t like to sit still that much and is usually doing something.  She has been taking courses online to learn about something called data analytics and has been sewing a lot lately.  I think she gets a little bored when she isn’t working.  I guess she doesn’t need to take as many naps as I do.  Some days I get tired just watching her!

And, as much as I hate them, if your cats have food stealing issues in your home, this is what Jen got to stop me: SureFeed Connect.  So far it is working.  It’s stopping the dog from stealing food, too.

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