Monday, December 13, 2021

Food, Toys, and Naps


Naptime on Jen's bed

Sorry it’s been so long since my last post again.  We have been busy around the house.  Jen started a new job, which keeps her out of the house most mornings.  Some days she is late feeding me lunch because she is at work, but she always does, even if I’m impatient when she gets home.  She says I have to wait until three o’clock in the afternoon for lunch, which seems like an eternity.  It doesn’t help that the humans shifted everything by an hour about a month ago.  Strange creatures.

My diet is going well, though I’m not really losing any weight.  Loki and DiNozzo are able to eat their food without me stealing it, and though I don’t like that, I have adjusted to it.  I get about three meals a day, with a little extra now and then.  Sometimes Jen puts some of my dry food in this snuffle mat she bought for us so I have to sniff out the food.  It’s pretty fun and I don’t eat it as fast.  Plus the mat is a delightful place to take a nap after I eat.

The humans now put my food in this small container.  Jen puts food in at night after she gives me my nighttime meal, and then I get portions of it throughout the next day.  When it is empty, I don’t get anymore food.  Well, sometimes I’ll get extra if Jen knows one of the other cats ate a bit of my food, or if I act like I’m dying.  She said she was thinking about getting me a smart feeder of my own for Christmas, but the price for it increased by twenty-seven dollars and she doesn’t want to pay that much right now.  Usually I eat everything in my bowl so the other cats can’t steal it, but also because I’m hungry and like to eat a full meal.  I don’t understand how the other cats can eat so little at a time.  DiNozzo must eat at least ten little meals a day.  I just don’t like doing that.  I like to eat a full meal and then take a nap.

Now that it is colder outside, our house has been colder on the first floor, so I’ve started hanging out with the other cats in the bedroom where it’s nice and warm.  I don’t cuddle together like they do and usually keep my distance.  There are so many blankets on the bed that make it so soft, and my extra fur keeps me warm.  Sometimes I will sleep near Loki, but I will not cuddle with him.  I will only cuddle with Jen, and sometimes Jordan.  However, Loki and I have started playing a game now and then.  He runs around and then I chase him.  Sometimes he quits right away, and sometimes he plays a little bit.  He doesn’t usually play fair and will hit me but run to Jen if I hit him back.  She knows he does it, so I don’t usually get into trouble.  I never hit him hard, and I learned that I am not supposed to do that when he is coming out of the litter box.

DiNozzo and I don’t hate each other as much, but we still keep our distance.  Sometimes we will play together when Jen pulls out “da Bird” toy.  He is a lot faster than I am, but I am stronger.  Loki usually just watches and will only attack if it comes near him…most of the time.  Jen bought an attachment that Loki goes crazy over—it’s a sparkly thing that makes crinkle noise when it flies through the air.  I love the attachment that looks like a mouse, and DiNozzo loves this orange feather thing.  Jen likes to get me running around the coffee table for a bit and then, once I’m getting tired, she lets me catch the “mouse,” rest a moment, and then I usually get a meal.  After that I take a good nap and feel like I’ve done my cat duty for the day.  I love my toys almost as much as I love food!

The cactus bed
Naps are definitely up there among my favorite activities, too.  Jen came home from work one day with this green cactus bed.  She said it was for Loki because he is often cold and she would not let me sleep in it.  After a couple of weeks, she said it was okay because Loki didn’t really care about it.  She bought two thermal mats on Amazon (we sure get a lot of those boxes) that are really comfy to sleep on.  She put one on the bench where I like to hang out and one on the chair in the bedroom that DiNozzo has claimed as his own.  Now that the air conditioner is out of that window, I like to sit on the stool next to DiNozzo’s chair and look out the window.  He didn’t like that at first, but he has gotten used to it.  I have yet to sleep in his chair, but why would I when Jen and Jordan’s bed is so comfortable?

I have a great life and I am so glad I found this family, even with DiNozzo here.  I hope all stray cats find such warm, loving homes.  I like being outside, but it is really nice knowing when you will be fed and that you have so many cozy places to sleep.  I have heard Jen say she wishes she could adopt more cats.  I can understand that, but I think our house is crowded enough.  There are plenty of humans in the world who can provide wonderful homes for cats without me having to give up more space or time with my own humans—it’s bad enough I have to share them with two other cats and a dog.

The three of us napping on the bed

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