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Since I told you about Loki in a previous post, I suppose I should also tell you about DiNozzo, even though I don’t really like him.

DiNozzo watching a squirrel
Jen says that DiNozzo was adopted in February 2013 through a PetSmart Charity.  It was a local rescue group called PAWS.  Jen and her mom had stopped in the store to get a large box of Milk-Bones for Misha and a couple of Loki’s favorite toy mice.  While Jen was checking out the cat toys, her mom was looking at the cats available for adoption.  The family had just had an older cat die the month before but had no plans to get another cat.

Jen’s mom has always liked black cats.  They had one when Jen was a kid.  His name was Beetlejuice and he was very wild.  He didn’t live with the family long because he was too feral.  He chose to live in the woods, with some help from humans for food.

Jen says there were a few black cats at PetSmart that day, and also a few cats named for characters in one of her favorite shows, NCIS.  They first asked about a black cat named Flip, but he was too aggressive.  Jen has a lot of patience with cats and many years of experience, so this didn’t concern her.  However, they were thinking that Loki needed a friend, and Flip needed a quiet home without a rowdy cat and an energetic dog.  Then they saw DiNozzo.

DiNozzo enjoying the sun
The way Jen tells it, they noticed DiNozzo because of his name, which was spelled “Denoso.”  The cat named “Gibbs” was not there that day, but DiNozzo was, and he was a handsome six-month old black kitten.  Jen and her mom asked about him and soon DiNozzo was in Jen’s arms, giving her headbutts.  They got the info from the PAWS volunteer and went on with their shopping.  Jen had to go to Staples to get stuff for her next semester of college.  It was then that they decided to go back to PetSmart and submit an application to adopt DiNozzo.  His adoption fee was only fifty dollars and he was up-to-date on vaccinations, was neutered, and was microchipped.  Jen says he was a steal at that price.

DiNozzo took to Loki right away.  He did not care for the humans at all, which is something that I just do not understand.  He is okay with them now, just in smaller doses.  Jen said DiNozzo traumatized Misha in the beginning, which explains why Misha is still wary of him, even though she is about four times his size.  He used to smack her at random, which just confused her.  I was never that mean to her, and I guess Loki wasn’t either because she absolutely loves him.  But DiNozzo…she will still avoid him.

DiNozzo being a goofball

DiNozzo is extremely energetic at times—he will sleep most of the day, then likes to sprint up and down the stairs at random.  He is very fit, even though he eats more than me!  Before I came to live with the family, he had eleven teeth removed due to infection, so he looks weird when he yawns.  This is why we sometimes get special treats that are supposed to clean our teeth.  I just swallow them whole, so Jen usually won’t give me any.  I get special treats for hairballs and no one else does, which I think means I am more important.

DiNozzo spends much of his time on the chair in Jen and Jordan’s room.  So much time that Jen calls it “DiNozzo’s chair.”  There is a stool next to it so we can sit and look out the window.  Sometimes I like to sit there while DiNozzo sleeps in his chair.  He used to mind, but I guess he has learned that I am not going to bother him.  The bedroom is one place where we all get along and nap together because it’s nice and cozy with a lot of pillows and blankets.

Nap time for all of us

I will probably never get along with DiNozzo because we just don’t like each other.  However, we have reached the point where we can take naps near each other without an issue.  Sometimes I like to annoy him or chase him around the house.  I get into trouble for doing that, but I think it’s funny.  Other times he will chase me, which can be fun.  Jen’s mom gets angry at me for annoying DiNozzo, but Jen usually tells her that DiNozzo will stand his ground if he wants me to stop, and that is true.  Sometimes I guess I push it too much, and that is when Jen tells me to stop.

DiNozzo and me watching people
DiNozzo and I also like to play with da Bird.  Loki usually watches and will attack occasionally, but DiNozzo and I are on that thing!  I know Jen likes to have us play together because she thinks it’s a good bonding exercise.  She said we don’t ever have to like each other, but we do have to co-exist, and I’m okay with that.  I’m still going to chase him sometimes—he’s faster than me, so I like to catch him off guard.  I think someday we will probably reach a point where we can play together, which I know will make Jen happy.

DiNozzo and me watching the birds and squirrels

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