Sunday, June 19, 2022

The Auto Feeder

Loki now has his own special feeder that opens to more food at certain times. The humans got this for him because he gets sick if he doesn't eat so often and he doesn't like to "graze," as they call it. The feeder has ice packs to keep his wet food cold and he only uses it during the night.

At first I was excited because it was not locked, unlike his regular feeder, so I could get to the food. But Jen told me I was not allowed, so now I just wait for him to eat and then eat what he doesn't finish. DiNozzo doesn't do this and just eats the food if Loki is not there. I've even seen DiNozzo push Loki away from his locked feeder and steal his food!

Jen says she can see us on a nearby camera. I wondered what that thing was near the TV. She wants to keep track of Loki's food intake because he is getting old and is not as healthy as he used to be. I have stopped picking on him, knowing that he doesn't want to play and that I am much bigger than him. Well, I don't pick on him as often--sometimes I just can't help myself!

I'd be upset that Loki is the favorite, but I hope the humans take extra steps for me when I get old.

DiNozzo's Affection

This morning I jumped in bed with Jen as I often do when she sleeps late.   It used to be about getting her up to feed me, but now I just ...