Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Baby Bunnies!

Baby rabbits in our planter
Jen was acting weird and overly protective of the one corner of the patio.  Usually, she lets Misha, our dog, go wherever she wants, but for some reason, the corner was suddenly off-limits.

I was watching out the window when I saw movement in one of Jen's big pots.  She has green onions and a bell pepper plant growing in that pot.  Normally that is boring, but the green onions were moving!  I watched the pot and saw a little rabbit peek his head out!  Jen noticed the babies too and said it looked like there were five of them.  She knew about this long before I did!

After a couple weeks, the rabbits started looking out more.  Jen eventually had to help a few get out of the pot, but some of them jumped down and seemed to be okay.  We don't know if they were old enough to leave the nest or if they just wanted to explore.  Unfortunately, it was not possible for them to get back to their nest once they left--the pot is maybe 18inches high.  A really safe spot for a nest, aside from the babies not being able to get back to it.

We have seen the mother rabbit occasionally, so we think the babies are hiding in the garden.  There are plenty of places for them to hide out there and a lot of things for bunnies to eat, like clover.  We have a hawk that lives nearby, so we are all hoping that he doesn't spot the little ones.  And if he does, well...that's the thing about nature: sometimes it's cruel.

Now that the bunnies are gone, I'm back to watching birds.  It isn't as exciting.  With the heat lately, I've mostly just been laying around on the floor.  Jen says I'm being dramatic, acting like it's hot even though the air conditioner is on.  What can I say?  I do have a lot of fur!

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