Sunday, July 24, 2022

The Auto Feeder is Mine!

Jen saw on the camera that DiNozzo was eating all of Loki's food in his automatic feeder, so she decided to go back to using Loki's locked feeder at night. Since Loki isn't using the Auto feeder anymore, Jen said it is now mine!

At first I didn't understand. The humans always put my food in a bowl on top of the cat house. Jen told me before that I needed to start eating on the floor with the other pets because I was getting too arrogant. I don't think that chasing DiNozzo is being mean, but the humans say otherwise.

With the auto feeder, I have to eat one the floor like the other cats. I was confused because that was always Loki's food, but Jen helped me understand that now it is for me and no one else. The opening is a little small for my big head, so sometimes I pull the pieces out with my paw and eat them.

The best part is if the humans oversleep, I still get breakfast on time!

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