Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Vet Again

Taking a nap on the couch next to Jen

 Yesterday, the humans took me to the vet again.

I was having trouble cleaning my rear end and Jen gave me a bath last week.  I always hate that, but usually I feel better after.  This time I had more problems and a few days later I really smelled bad again.  My butt really hurt and Jen could tell I was uncomfortable.  She said I had matted fur and she grabbed the scissors.  I was in pain, so I lashed out, tried to bite her, and scratched her a bunch.  That's when she called the vet.

The mean vet lady and her lackey trimmed my nails and scrubbed my rear end.  They gave me a shot that they said will help with my infection and looked at my butt.  Humans really are weird if they like looking at cat butts so much.  They tried to cut the matted fur, but I started screaming and acting aggressively, so they took me back to Jen, saying I was grumpy.  I'd like to know how the vet would feel if I started messing with her butt!

Jen and the vet had a conversation about my problems.  Somehow I contracted worms, so the vet put some sort of liquid on my back.  Jen still doesn't understand how I could have gotten worms, and I really don't know either.  We hope they didn't pass to the other cats, especially Loki since he has enough health problems.  Jen has been inspecting their butts at random--they look really confused when she does it.  It's actually kind of funny.

Today I am really sore, but Jen has been making sure I eat and that the dog leaves me alone.  Mostly, I've just been resting.  I am starting to feel better and have been walking around a little bit.  We got a box from Chewy today and it had new catnip bananas in it, so Jen gave one to me to play with.  I'm still a little mad at her, and I think she's still a little mad at me for the way I behaved, but we'll get over it.

I heard them talking about taking me back to the vet to get the rest of the mats out, but I know Jen is hesitant to do it.  She had a disagreement with the vet over a review on something called Google.  From what I could hear, Jen said she likes the vets, but not the office people, and the vet was making excuses.  Jen got really mad, so I'm not sure I'll be seeing that mean vet lady again.

The humans were discussing a different vet office and something called a "groomer."  Jen has been out of work for several months, so she said it will have to wait.  I like having her home, but I can tell she's getting really frustrated that we can't afford things, especially since Loki needs to eat special food.  I know I didn't help the situation, I just really hate it when people touch my rear end.

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