Saturday, September 10, 2022

New Trimmer

After my most recent vet visit, Jen bought a new trimmer and tried to use it on me a few times. I kept trying to get away, so she would stop and put it away. She didn't fight me and force me to get a trim, which is odd for her.

A couple days ago, I was just chilling on top of our cat house when Jen came over with the trimmer and started trimming the hair around my rear end. I didn't really fight--I was tired and she's done this so many time without actually cutting hair.

I tried to get away after about a minute, but she held me still and continued to cut my hair. Eventually I did escape and she followed me. She just kept trying with the trimmer. She cornered me on the couch and shaved off the last of my matted fur, which, I will admit, it felt really good to be rid of that. Then she turned off the trimmer and I got some treats. I guess that was it--we were done.

All that time I fought the trimmer and that was it? Well that wasn't so bad! I'll probably fight next time too, but I'd rather Jen do it than the vet, and from what Jen was saying, I think she'd prefer that too.

It is really nice to be free of mats again. I don't even know how they happen so quickly! Both Jordan and Jen brush me, yet I get mats where I can reach to groom myself. Most of the time, Jen is able to brush them out, but there have been a few tough ones that she grabbed the scissors and cut my hair. Now she uses the trimmer on any she finds that she can't comb out. These humans certainly are obsessed with hair!

DiNozzo's Affection

This morning I jumped in bed with Jen as I often do when she sleeps late.   It used to be about getting her up to feed me, but now I just ...