Friday, December 16, 2022

Life Moves On

I was never really that close with Loki. I admired him and liked to ambush him, but I’m just not a cuddly cat, especially when it comes to other cats. DiNozzo and Loki were close, and lately DiNozzo has been extra clingy with Jen. He and I still don’t get along, but we are tolerating each other more.

DiNozzo usually spends time upstairs while I claim the downstairs. He likes to sleep on Jen and Jordan’s bed during the day, and on the futon in Jordan’s game room at night. Sometimes I will also sleep upstairs, more so when it gets colder—our furnace is terrible and the first floor is probably at least ten degrees colder than the second.

Sometimes DiNozzo will hiss at me, sometimes not. Jen has been working with both of us to stop the fighting. I get in trouble for chasing DiNozzo and he gets in trouble for hitting me when I’m sleeping. I really want to play with him, but he just doesn’t like me. It’s okay though because our humans make sure we feel like we’re part of the family and that we each have space away from each other.

Jen did talk about maybe getting another cat now that Loki is gone. She said she would kind of like to get a kitten because she hasn’t had one since Loki was a baby and Jordan has never had a kitten. But Jen also said she doesn’t really want to get another cat. Our apartment has restrictions, which might have changed, so we don’t even known if we could. Plus Jen said that she’s concerned DiNozzo might not like a new cat since he hated me, and with a kitten, they are afraid I might hurt it—accidentally of course. Sometimes I just don’t know my own strength.

It's going to take a long time for our family to get over the loss of Loki. He truly was a special boy and the house feels kind of empty without him. The humans hung a nice portrait of him above the TV in the living room, giving the feeling that he is watching over all of us.

I proudly carry on what I have learned from Loki, keeping my family safe and guarding our home. I miss ambushing him from the basement steps and stealing little bits of his food. I know the humans miss him very much, as does DiNozzo. They say that Loki lived a very long and fulfilling life, I just came toward the end of it and missed his younger days. Supposedly he was quite a handful when he was younger, and Jen says I have a lot of Loki’s traits.

DiNozzo and I will never be as close as he was with Loki, and that’s okay, but we are a little closer than we before. My family is still healing from this loss, and I will always be there for them to make them laugh and smile.

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