Tuesday, February 28, 2023

My Food Obsession

Pondering about my life

I was using Loki’s old smart feeder for a few days to prevent Misha from eating all of my food. I’m back to eating normally again (and pooping normally). The hairball gel really helped get my digestive system working smoothly, and now I get it every few days to prevent this from happening again.

It took me awhile to feel comfortable eating out of the smart feeder. It still feels weird that Loki isn’t around, even though it’s been almost five months. Once I learned how it worked and understood that I was allowed to eat from it, I enjoyed being able to graze as I wanted. Unfortunately, the humans measure my food and I guess I was eating all of it before lunch time.

I have always loved food. I can be picky sometimes when it comes to different meats—I don’t like beef and I’m not much of a fan of fish. When Loki was getting wet food, DiNozzo and I would occasionally get a little bit too. If it was beef, I would walk away. Loki always liked it, but I do not.

I know some humans think it’s weird that I am so picky, and yet so overweight. You would be too if you were starving and then suddenly had food available all the time. That’s why Jen got the smart feeders for Loki and DiNozzo: they only opened for them, keeping me from eating their food.

Jen gave me a couple of days to adjust to the smart feeder, but then said I obviously couldn’t handle it. She said she’s the same with some junk food, which is why she doesn’t buy things like Coca-Cola and Middleswarth potato chips. With me, she decided to go back to my automated feeder, which helps me to spread my food across five meals throughout the day. I get enough food, just not all at once because I will eat all of it in the morning.

I guess I’m a little like a hobbit: I get breakfast, then second breakfast, then lunch, then dinner, and then a late supper. Sometimes I leave a little bit to eat later, but usually Misha eats it. She gets in trouble for doing this and I get a little bit more food. If I act like I’m starving, Jen and Jordan will check the camera to see if Misha stole my food, then give me a little more of she did. I like Misha, but I do wish she would stop eating my food and go eat her own.

At least everything is back to normal, including my meals and playtime with DiNozzo. He has gone back to hating me as usual, though he was sniffing me the other day when we were both laying with Jen. At least I know she will shield me if he tries to attack. She’s done it before.

I really do have the best humans.

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Feeling Better

I am finally feeling better and am mostly back to normal.  Jen was giving me special food that Loki used to get and a gel that she said helps with hairballs.  I’ve had this gel before, but it’s a little expensive for us right now.  I was getting special treats for a while to help with my hairballs, but, again, they are expensive.

Jordan said I should be using Loki’s old feeder so Misha can’t get to my food when I walk away.  I had a special meal of real chicken one evening, and when I left, and when the humans were not looking, Misha finished it.  When Misha went to bed the one night, Jen gave me some dry food, some ground turkey baby food, and more chicken.  Misha snuck back downstairs after the humans went to bed and ate ALL OF IT!!

Sometimes I can hear the humans on this white thing that they call a “Ring camera.”  It sits near the TV and faces my feeder.  If Misha tries to sneak my food and Jen or Jordan suspects that she is doing exactly that, they will speak through the camera to make her stop.  It worked at first, but I guess Misha figured out that they are not there to stop her, so she continues to eat my food.

Jen cleaned up Loki’s smart feeder and set it down for me to use.  I remember that I was never allowed to eat from it, so it just doesn’t feel right.  She eventually gave me food in my automatic feeder like normal once I was back to eating again.  I definitely feel better, though I’m still not eating all of my meals.  I was even getting into trouble when Jen’s mom was doing laundry.  I’m not supposed to go into the basement, so I waited for her to open the door and ran past her.  She has been nicer to me than usual since I haven’t been feeling well, but I’m still not supposed to be in the basement.

At least I know that Jen can tell when I am not feeling well and will take care of me.  And I swear that DiNozzo actually was a little concerned about me!  Maybe we will be friends someday.

Thursday, February 9, 2023

A New Vet

It’s been a rough few months in my family. We had our first Christmas without Loki. Though DiNozzo and I got new toys and were allowed to open our presents ourselves, it just isn’t the same without Loki.

Jordan has been home from work because he was injured at his job. He wasn’t even allowed to lift me for almost three months! I like having him around more, but he was in pain for a long time. I heard Jen say he probably cracked a rib. She was pretty mad when it happened—at Jordan’s employer, not at him. Jen always says “safety first,” and they said there was broken machinery at the job, which is why Jordan got hurt.

This past Monday, Jen’s mom left for her Florida vacation, but was back Tuesday because of car problems. She was hoping it could be fixed quickly, but no one can figure out what is wrong with it yet, so she had to cancel her trip. Jen is trying to start working freelance for a customer service company—something she really doesn’t like doing—and she was waiting for peace and quiet to complete her account setup. It seems the car has screwed up everyone’s plans right now.

On Tuesday, I started to not feel too good and wasn’t really hungry. Jen noticed I was just laying around, and she definitely noticed that I wasn’t really eating. She started to get pretty upset, concerned that I was going to have health issues like Loki. It is very similar, but I am much younger than he was when his health started to go downhill, so I should bounce back.

Jen and Jordan took me to a new vet to help. I hate the vet and kept giving her angry looks. At least this time Jen didn’t get angry with the vet like at the other place—she said we will never see those veterinarians again.

They took my temperature and gave me a shot. I started to feel a little better, but still not well. Jen gave me some chicken baby food, which she already had because of Loki. It was okay—I’m not a huge fan, but at least it was easy to eat. Jen told me I need to eat and drink more water. She’s very worried about me, which means that she really cares about me. I knew I picked the right family.

Hopefully I start to feel better soon. Aside from making Jen upset, I hate feeling sick.

DiNozzo's Affection

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