Tuesday, March 21, 2023

DiNozzo's Affection

This morning I jumped in bed with Jen as I often do when she sleeps late.  It used to be about getting her up to feed me, but now I just like the extra attention.  Plus I like to sleep on the bed after she’s made it.  She was just about to get up when I came in the room, so she told me it was okay to jump up and hung out with me for a little bit.  Not that I always wait for her permission to jump onto the bed, but if she’s up, it’s better to wait than accidentally scratch her because she moved (or accidentally get smacked in the face).

Lately, DiNozzo is often with Jen.  He’s been really clingy since Loki passed away, and he has decided to cling to Jen most of the time.  Usually she will pet both of us, and if he gets aggressive, she shields me and tells him to go away.  This morning, she was ignoring him and only paying attention to me.  DiNozzo then shocked us both: he gave me a headbutt and licked my forehead!  This is the stuff he used to do with Loki, never with me.  He then was sniffing my ears and gave me another headbutt.

Maybe we will be friends after all.  I don’t see us ever being as close as he and Loki were, but it is a move in the right direction.  Jen says I need to stop ambushing him because he doesn’t like it.  What can I say?  That’s how I express affection!  Jen should know that—I’m always smacking her legs or trying to push her down the stairs.  Not really, but she needs to move faster when it’s food time.

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