Friday, March 17, 2023

I Miss the Birds

Installing siding makes a lot of noise!
I haven't been sitting at my favorite window much since they cut down my tree. The humans had to move everything off the patio for the siding installation, so the only thing out there is a table that is too big to fit inside. It's just so empty...

Most of the patio stuff went to the basement, but there are parts of Jen’s greenhouse in the dining room. I went into the basement again and it was so full! More than usual! Patio chairs, the top of Jen’s greenhouse, a couple plant stands, and a bunch of stuff that was outside.

It was easier for me to stay out of Jen’s reach because there were more places for me to hide, so I ended up locked in the basement for about two hours. Then, when Jen came down to move the laundry to the dryer, I decided I was ready to leave. I was extra nice to her after that since I knew I wasn’t supposed to be down there.

My favorite window is now just a place to get some sun. Before, there were always birds and squirrels outside, hunting for food or just chilling in my lilac tree. Yes, I considered that to be MY tree. It was where I liked to rest when I was homeless, giving me a good hiding spot and plenty of shade. Now it's gone, and so are the birds, so I see no point in looking out the window. I’ll nap on the bench, but there is nothing to watch outside.

Jordan’s window isn’t as entertaining either. You can see more from there, but they cut the tree branches—well, “butchered” is the term Jen uses, and I can see her point. The branches were just hacked off randomly, leaving dead branches while killing healthy ones. There are still squirrels and birds, they are just farther away than they used to be. I hate this.

They started pounding on the walls to install the siding. I was concerned and was watching them to make sure they weren’t trying to destroy my house! Jen is worried that the birds in the wall will get stuck, but we think that as long as they get to that spot before the birds are nesting, the pounding will drive them out long enough for the guy to cover the hole.

We hope that’s what will happen. Neither of us want birds to die from being trapped in the wall. That would just be terrible!

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