Tuesday, March 7, 2023

My Lilac is Gone!

I was bad again yesterday and ran outside.  Jen was doing something in the garden and I saw a chance, so I took it.  She didn’t even try to stop me.

When I got out there, I noticed that my favorite tree is gone!  I could see from the window that it wasn’t there, but it just didn’t actually hit me until I went outside.  The lilac that I sat under when I was homeless was just a stump!

I knew Jen was really upset the other day about something, but I wasn’t sure what.  Now I understand: it was because they cut down her lilac and Rose of Sharon.  They are putting up siding in the complex and we are the last row to get it.  They said they can’t install it with the tall plants, so they cut them down.

Jen said they will grow back, but it will take years.  This is why she really wanted to buy a house in 2019.  Stupid cancer ruined everything.  Without the lilac, it felt way too exposed outside and I didn’t feel safe.  As soon as Jen opened the door to come back outside, I ran past her and up the steps.  I know I’m not supposed to go out anyway, and now it just doesn’t feel safe.

No wonder there have been fewer birds lately.  Where are they supposed to sit???

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