Thursday, May 4, 2023

May the 4th

Happy Star Wars day!

I’m not much of a Star Wars cat, being named after a character in an old west video game and, well, being a cat in general.  I do sometimes watch TV, but my favorite movie so far is “A Bug’s Life.”  It’s so colorful!

Star Wars day is important to me for a different reason: it’s the day I officially joined my family!  It was on this day in 2019 that I was cleared and allowed to join the rest of the household, leaving the basement that I considered my home for a few days.  I still like to go back down there to explore—there’s a lot of stuff down there.  A LOT.

I’m much bigger today than I was back then.  I was such a cute, fluffy little kitty!  But with the regular food, I started to grow to my full size…and then some.  I’ve been unable to lose the extra weight, but I am on a strict diet so I don’t overeat.  Sometimes I weigh myself on our new Wi-Fi scale when I’m listening for the birds in the wall—I haven’t heard any since they put up the new siding, which I’m glad none were trapped in the wall.  The scale sits near the window, so my humans noticed that I was randomly weighing myself and created a profile for me.  I’m pretty consistent at around 17.5 pounds.  Yep, I’m a big cat.

Jen is taking online classes for her Bachelor’s degree, whatever that means, so she has been busier than usual.  At least it gives her something to focus on instead of her depression and anxiety.  I worry about her sometimes—there are days that she just doesn’t want to get out of bed.  Sometimes I cuddle up with her and try to cheer her up.  I don’t like to see my human so depressed—she gave me a home and keeps me fed, so the least I can do is give her some affection now and then.

There isn’t much going on in my life right now, aside from Jen’s ongoing search for a job that she can physically (and mentally) do and her return to college.  DiNozzo and I have been tolerating each other more, though I got in trouble again for trying to ambush him.  I just wish he would play with me.  I saw him playing with a few toys the other night.  It looked like fun, but I know that he will run away if I try to join.  He sure has a lot of energy!

DiNozzo and I have been taking turns at the bedroom window since our large scratching post was moved there.  It’s a great spot to watch for birds and to watch the people in the neighborhood.  We used to watch a bird outside Jordan’s window—well, DiNozzo more than me—but that bird hasn’t been around since they covered the hole with siding.  Jen is sure there was a nest in the wall, maybe even some eggs.  We didn’t hear any animal sounds, so we think the bird left when they started pounding.  It’s not as tragic if there were only eggs.  Hopefully the bird wasn’t even that far along in nest-building.

This is a shorter post, but Jen has two papers to write for her classes.  We are all hoping that she’ll be able to get a decent job when she’s finished, though she said she wants to continue through to get her MBA.  I don’t really know what any of that means, but it sounds like it’s important.

May the 4th be with you!

May the 4th

Happy Star Wars day! I’m not much of a Star Wars cat, being named after a character in an old west video game and, well, being a cat i...